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Why Virtual Reality?

We are a forerunner in Virtual Reality [VR] experiences that will enthral and fascinate you and your guests.

Using our cutting edge technology, we create striking 360° environments that truly immerse your guests. VR demands the attention of your audience like no other medium. The VR team use 360° HD and ULTRA HD cameras to produce real film content for our developers to create fully immersive interactivity. The possibilities are endless for hotels, resorts and destinations. Applying simple movement and pausing to look at a feature the user can navigate from restaurant to spa to the beach and beyond. From amazing walkthroughs of your hotel, to exploring every aspect of your property room by room, suite by suite, guest experiences and the local destination. VR is here and it’s here to stay.

VR is an extremely powerful marketing and communication tool and is changing how people travel and make travel decisions. The technology takes you on virtual journeys in a completely immersive way allowing guests to be temporarily transported to sample authentic moments, experiences and adventures. Putting guests at the centre of the story is changing storytelling and the way a guest experiences, interacts and engages within the hospitality and travel industry. Curious travellers seek engagement in many different ways and VR is also such an incredibly social and exciting experience offering unique storytelling possibilities. VIP Worldwide predicts marketing spend will shift further towards VR as smart travellers' expectations are forever evolving. VR takes the guest from “look before you book” to fully experiencing a property, room, suite, guest experience, resort or destination offering an immersive booking experience.

• High-end VR solutions; our dedicated production team can develop bespoke experiences for your guests to enjoy.

• Entry level singular VR concepts to multi-interactive hotel, resort and destination VR experiences including an immersive BOOK NOW option.

Our Virtual Reality Team

Adam Boyne

VR Developer

Adam oversees the development of our Virtual Reality experiences. His particular expertise is creating bespoke software and Virtual Reality applications. He graduated with a BSc with Computer Science.

Ryan Lay

VR Designer

Ryan designs software, applications, and Virtual Reality experiences. Having graduated with an MEng in Computer Science, he has a wealth of experience developing Virtual Reality applications.

Josh Porter

VR Producer

Josh works with our Virtual Reality development team to produce content of the highest quality. He specialises in generating truly immersive experiences. With a BSc in Computer Science, he is well versed in the new art of creating Virtual Reality experiences.

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