VIP Worldwide - Luxury Hotel Video Production

The Leading Hotels of the World Family Film

The Project

We were commissioned to produce a promotional film to capture what ‘family’ means from multi-generational hoteliers to family professional managers. We travelled to 11 different cities in 7 different countries to interview selected hotel properties and their respective family members. What makes it special is the narrative is from the interviewees with no script or prompts and the subtle movement on the lead camera. All of the Families selected had interesting stories to tell and they represented a cross-section of families important to LHW brand from a historical perspective. We also ensured we created various stylish cut-away shots to reflect the individual nature of the hotel and the shots show we had captured a cross-section of countries representative to the brand lending balance to the overall film.

We took a journalist style to the interviews to ensure we were on message for the brief and this approach brought out the best in all interviewees. We used a range of techniques such as a drone, 2 cameras and semi-circular tracks with a traditional clapper board to sync both cameras, and used the same director on all shoots to ensure consistency throughout the film. We also used a range of iconic stylised shots to illustrate the wide range in locations and guest experiences from the selected hotels from around the world.

The Location

Established in 1928 by several influential and forward-thinking European hoteliers, it started with 38 initial members. With our eight-decade-long commitment to providing unforgettable, authentic travel experiences, LHW selects only hotels that meet our high standards for quality and distinctiveness. To us, hospitality is not an industry, it’s an art…and our passion.