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Wednesday 13th September 2017
By VIP Worldwide

Guests expect the finest of facilities when they stay at luxury hotels, and usually, this is what they get. However, there are some destinations that have taken advantage of their location or exceptional architecture, to create the most enchanting of spaces. This is particularly the case with their pools, where the elements combine to make something exceptional.

Grace Santorini

Swim to the edge of the horizon in this luxurious infinity pool, where you shall witness wonders such as the setting sun dancing on the Aegean’s waves, or infinite views of pure sapphire. Experience contemporary luxury at the breathtaking Grace Santorini, where luxury and wellness come hand in hand.

Essque Zalu Zanzibar

The ultimate place to lie back and unwind in utter luxury, the Essque Zalu Zanzibar pool combines African tradition with luxurious splendour. Throughout the day, guests can enjoy total serenity in the sunshine. As night falls, the light of the hotel’s imposing form sparkles on the water surface, fusing the beauty of nature with man-made wonderment

Fregate Island Villas

There is no experience that can rival stepping out of your exquisite villa into the warmth of the Seychelles sunshine. Guests do not have to go far to immerse themselves in glorious indulgence, as they descend into their stunning private infinity pools. Looking out to the azure sea is all that is needed to lose oneself and forget the everyday.

Jade Mountain

With fiery sunsets, lapping waves and commanding landscape, the exquisitely colourful Jade Mountain’s pools are enjoyed amidst the definition of paradise. The ultimate destination for resplendent romance, there is no greater feeling than lazing in the reinvigorating waters under the Saint Lucian sunshine.