VIP Worldwide - Luxury Hotel Video Production

A Video Collection strategy to drive traffic to your website and to increase bookings and revenue

VIP Worldwide produce award winning films for the finest Hotels and Resorts around the world. Film, when produced properly with artistic flare, style and honesty will create an instant connection with the guest. As video represents a significant element of a customers journey, it's so important to have a strong video strategy in place with a collection of bespoke films that together help brands reach, inspire, influence and engage today's “always-connected” customers.

The main reason General Manager’s and Director of Sales and Marketing and Property owners choose VIP to communicate their brand is based on our unique ability to understand how online video connects travel brands with consumers, generates revenue, influence bookings and reach a global audience. All properties, resorts and destinations have many stories to share and many features that the consumer, travel trade, press and social media users need to explore and know about.

We produce bespoke targeted film and video content that appeals to each of your audience demographics and stakeholders. From our experience we now that consumer want to do much more than just watch videos; they want to connect with brands. Our video package goes beyond the traditional hotel/destination video as we need to ensure we provide a wider range of content relevant to all consumers including more authentic, user generated content and VLOG style edits that appeal to a younger audience. For some of our clients we have embraced video as a powerful differentiation tool through their marketing strategy which has led many of our clients to become prominent figures in video marketing for luxury hotels and destinations.

A quality video collection can lead to success in securing specialty suites as backdrops for major glossy magazine fashion shoots, as videos show the scope of the property or destination. We also produce videos for digital advertising; banner/display ads when used with video based landing pages this also helps drive bookings and activity back to the website. We can embed ‘book now’ features within the video too and tracking to give you regular reports.

For properties wishing to offer their guest a more immersive experience than Virtual Reality [VR] is also an option to explore. Discover our VR services here

Main Promotional Films

We produce a short, cinematic promotional film and also produce content for your trade travel partners.

We produce beautiful content that awakens your guests sense of discovery and inspires them to travel to you. Luxury hotels always have a story to tell. Film, when produced properly with artistic flare, style and honesty will create an instant connection with the guest. As film specialists we are the leading experts for producing content for hospitality brands, pre-roll and TV and social media campaigns.

Supporting Films

We also produce films for your properties key attributes; Spa, Golf, Restaurant, water sports, dining as these all benefit from tailored individual short form video. From experience our clients are selling more suites online at a higher rate in advance than they have in the past. The use of video impacts heavily upon direct sales efforts, having new videos loaded onto IPad for travel agency visits, as well as showing to hundreds of agents at major tradeshows such as Virtuoso Travel Mart and ILTM.

Every level of luxury hospitality is captured with artistry and integrity. From F&B, championship golf, tennis, watersports, award winning spas and MICE, our team go beyond what is expected to create the most compelling and engaging films for todays savvy travellers.

All of our in-house film directors and cameramen are experts at filming the worlds best chefs and restaurants. Using specially designed camera equipment to present their wonderful cusine in the most dynamic way. Michelin starred chefs require the best and that's exactly what we offer, we’ve taken food cinematography to a whole new level.

Room Category Films

To help further influence booking decisions, brand awareness and increase your ROI we produce separate video clips of each room and suite category. Booking revenue increases each time when video is present so does the upgrade opportunities.

Reservations, sales agents also have another tool to share with clients who engage in a ‘live chat’ feature as they can be walked through a room, and can immediately direct them to the different suite types which leads to up selling to premium options through videos.

Destination Films

We also produce stunning Hyperlapse videos, perfect for showcasing a destination you get to experience stunning journeys around a city, landscape or destination. Many Luxury travellers are seeking more authentic experiences when they travel mixing luxury with adventure through food and culture.

The Virtuoso Luxe Report included finding out the top reasons why affluent travellers travel, and the second top reason is to seek authentic experiences. (The first being “to explore new destinations”)

As affluent luxury travellers are actively seeking more varied authentic guest experiences exclusive to their hotel then hospitality brands should look to explore and create their own “unique” destination and cultural based guest experiences.


We always recommend VIP’s ‘Livin Photos’ or Cinemagraphs these use the art of photography blended with beautifully crafted subtle movement. Creating striking moments in time.

Social Media Edits

We produce social media specific videos that are targeted to each of your social media platforms and we can even allow direct bookings from your social accounts.