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Friday 10th November 2017
By VIP Worldwide

It is vital for a luxury hotel to be wonderfully opulent on the inside, providing guests with the most restful of experiences. However, the beauty should never end the moment someone steps out of the door. A hotel is made complete by its surroundings, namely the garden. This provides an oasis of calm where guests can indulge in al fresco relaxation, surrounded by the sounds and smells of a sunlit sanctuary. Read more to find out who has made it into our round-up of Top 5 Hotel gardens;

Royal Mansour

The magical Moroccan retreat, Royal Mansour, have recently completed their mission of creating a lush, poolside oasis in the grounds of their grand hotel. Le Jardin is the creation of Spanish landscape designer, Luis Vallejo. Mimicking historic gardens such as Menara and Agdal, olive and date palm trees offer structure and North African opulence as guests enjoy a taste of paradise.

Grace Mayflower

Nestled in the heart of the Litchfield Hills, Connecticut, Grace Mayflower is ideally located for those in search of a destination that provides both elegant relaxation and a varied landscape waiting to be explored. The stunning surroundings are mimicked by the hotel’s garden, which is bursting with manicured borders, herbs, fruit and vegetables. These are taken advantage of by the chefs, who are passionate about their home grown produce.

Devonshire Arms Hotel & Spa

A quintessential country retreat, the Devonshire Arms Hotel & Spa can be found on the breath taking Bolton Abbey Estate in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales, otherwise known as God’s Own County. Both of the hotel’s restaurants revel in the abundance of ingredients grown in the Kitchen Garden. Guests can wander through its pretty paths, getting to know what they will be eating that evening.

San Ysidro Ranch

Found in the lush, scenic hills of Santa Barbara, California, the San Ysidro Ranch expertly combines luxury with nature. The gardens offer a sensory explosion, with lavender growing over the terraces and cool water trickling through the emerald green lawns. With its commanding backdrop, this hotel’s garden offers an irresistible contrast, perfect for some unforgettable relaxation in the Californian sunshine.

Hotel Cap du Eden Roc

Blessed with an unrivalled location with romantic views of the sparkling, azure sea, Hotel Cap du Eden Roc offers their guests with a stunning location for relaxation. Their private parkland is a place where one can truly lose oneself, escaping from the world’s worries. After a day of resplendence in the hotel’s plush interiors, guests can wander through the swaying pines and Riviera palms, pondering in which Hollywood star’s footsteps they are following.