VIP Worldwide - Luxury Hotel Video Production


Thursday 08th September 2016
By VIP Worldwide

Instagram continues to be a favoured social media marketing channel for hospitality and travel brands. The rich visual content you can post lends itself to storytelling and aspirational travel moments. Take a peek at the latest social media edits for the Oetker Collection. #myOCescape

As video represents a significant element of a customer’s journey, it's so important to have a strong video strategy in place with a collection of bespoke films that together help brands reach, inspire, influence and engage today's “always-connected” customers. The main reason General Manager’s, DOSM and Property owners choose VIP to communicate their brand is based on our unique ability to understand how online video connects travel brands with consumers, generates revenue, influence bookings and reach a global audience. All properties, resorts and destinations have many stories to share and many features that the consumer, travel trade, press and social media users need to explore and know about.

OETKER Collection #myOCescape

Oetker Collection embodies the finest of traditional European hospitality. These elite luxury hotels are strung together like pearls on a chain; each is one of a kind, unified by a desire to deliver the best of life. Throughout Oetker Collection guests discover a 'passion for living', an appreciation for culture, gastronomy and the pleasures of nature, which is why generations of guests return year after year to these 'Masterpiece Hotels'.